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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I analyze my codebase?

This feature is coming very soon! Stay tuned.

When can I build my app context to have my data be context aware?

This feature is coming very soon! Stay tuned.

What AI models are used? Is my data used in training?

We do not train on user data. We currently use OpenAI’s GPT-4 API to generate our outputs. They don’t train on user data either. We’re working on a private in-house AI from proven open source models. Even then, we’re not planning on training on user data.

How does pricing work?

We simply AI usage pricing with credits, where one credit is one cent. Task generation uses some amount of credits. When you make an account, you get 1000 AI credits, which on average let you generate a few dozen tickets. You can subscribe to refill credits on a monthly basis, or enable pay-as-you-go to track usage and pay at the end of the month for what you use past the monthly amount. 

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