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A clear process for planning software requirements

AI-generated project requirements that sync with Jira.

Uninterrupted Focus

Your software developers will thank you

Process empowers busy software teams by offering AI-powered task generation, enabling them to optimize their time, reduce typical tasks and interruptions that slow them down, and save you money. Generate all the tasks and subtasks you need, customize the key details, and deliver a superior product to your customers faster without risking technical debt.

Boost Your Output, Cut Your Costs

AI-Powered Ticket Creation

Generate requirements that ensure concise and precise instructions.

Human-in-the-Loop Optimization

Customize to capture your vision and break down technicalities.

Time & Cost Saving Productivity

Give teams uninterrupted time to code and meet deadlines.

Task Writing + Generative AI

Turnaround smarter software requirements

No more manually writing or copy-pasting text. Input a task title and output relevant, AI-generated quality descriptions, requirements, and subtask suggestions to help your team get started.

Master Your Blueprint

Fine-tune the details

Grasp the technical details behind your idea to communicate them clearly. Use our human-in-the-loop interface to get product and engineering teams on the same page by editing and refining your descriptions, requirements, and subtasks.

Deep Focus

Better time management for better results

Process was designed by product owners and software developers to prevent burnout. By using generative AI to automate ticket-writing, we empower software developers to not just work, but to be their best selves at work – fostering a healthier work environment that prioritizes work-life balance and meaningful work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this replace Jira or other project management software?

No. Use Process to generate the text content for tickets, then export them into your project management tool. Then you can plan your development and track progress.

What AI models are used? Is my data used in training?

We do not train on user data. We currently use OpenAI’s GPT-4 API to generate our outputs. They don’t train on user data either. We’re working on a private in-house AI from proven open source models. Even then, we’re not planning on training on user data.

How does pricing work?

We simply AI usage pricing with credits, where one credit is one cent. Task generation uses some amount of credits. When you make an account, you get 1000 AI credits, which on average let you generate a few dozen tickets. You can subscribe to refill credits on a monthly basis, or enable pay-as-you-go to track usage and pay at the end of the month for what you use past the monthly amount. 

What project management tools do you support?

Our research showed that Jira was the most common tool for our users. We expect soon to integrate with many more tools. If you have one in mind that you’d like to see, tell us which one.

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