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Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 1/24/2023


Welcome to Process App Inc. Our Privacy Policy meticulously governs how we collect, use, disclose, and protect personal information through our SaaS platform (“Service”). Aligned with applicable data protection laws, this policy aims to ensure the utmost transparency and accountability in our data handling practices, safeguarding both user data and corporate interests.

Information We Collect

  • Personal Information: We collect names, email addresses, organization names, job titles, and contact details via registration forms and user interactions. This collection is crucial for user identification, account management, and legal compliance.
  • Usage Information: Detailed user interaction data, including IP addresses, browser types, and usage patterns, are gathered using advanced technologies like cookies. This collection is subject to explicit user consent and is essential for optimizing our Service, ensuring security, and complying with legal obligations.

How We Use Your Information

  • Service Provisioning: We leverage personal and usage data for essential Service functionalities like account management, customer support, and troubleshooting, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.
  • Communication: Contact information is utilized for critical communications including service updates and promotional offers, with clear opt-out mechanisms for users.
  • Business Operations: Data analysis supports our business decisions, market analysis, service improvements, and new feature development, contributing significantly to our strategic growth and competitive positioning.

Sharing Your Information

  • Third-Party Service Providers: Engaging with third-party service providers under strict data processing agreements allows us to enhance our Service offerings, ensuring compliance with data protection standards.
  • Legal Compliance and Law Enforcement: We may disclose personal information in response to legal requirements, court orders, or law enforcement requests, adhering to the principles of legality and necessity.
  • Business Transactions: In business restructuring scenarios, such as mergers or acquisitions, user data may be transferred as a business asset, strictly governed by the commitments made in this Privacy Policy and applicable law.

Data Security

  • Technical Measures: Our sophisticated security measures, including encryption and network protection, are designed to shield data against unauthorized access and cyber threats, in line with industry best practices and regulatory standards.
  • Organizational Measures: We conduct regular staff training on data protection, enforce internal data handling policies, and implement rigorous access controls, ensuring a high level of data security throughout our organization.

Your Choices

  • Account Information: Users can exercise control over their personal information, including accessing, updating, or requesting deletion through account settings, in compliance with privacy laws and contractual obligations.
  • Opt-Out of Communications: A straightforward mechanism is provided for users to opt out of non-essential communications, respecting their preference for privacy.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

  • Use and Management: Our strategic use of cookies and similar technologies for Service functionality, analytics, and personalization is governed by user consent and regulatory requirements, balancing operational needs with user privacy rights.

Data Retention

  • Retention Period: We retain personal information as long as necessary for Service provision, legal compliance, dispute resolution, and agreement enforcement, ensuring no unnecessary data retention.

Data Rectification and Deletion

  • User Rights: Users are entitled to request correction or deletion of their personal data, which we address in accordance with legal stipulations and any contractual limitations.

Data Breach Notification

  • Incident Response: Our robust response to data breaches includes prompt risk assessment and affected individual notification, adhering to stringent data breach notification laws and minimizing potential harm.

Third-Party Links

  • External Websites: While our Service includes third-party links, we clarify our non-responsibility for external site privacy practices, advising users to review their policies.

User Rights Under GDPR and CCPA

  • Rights and Requests: Our procedures for handling rights requests under GDPR and CCPA are detailed and user-friendly, ensuring EU and California residents can effectively exercise their data rights.

Limitation of Liability

Extent of Liability: Our liability in connection with data breaches or unauthorized data use is limited to the maximum extent permissible by law, protecting the company from disproportionate legal claims.

Arbitration Clause

  • Mandatory Arbitration: We require binding arbitration for resolving disputes arising from this Privacy Policy, providing an efficient alternative to court litigation and minimizing public exposure of disputes.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Ownership of Feedback: User feedback, comments, or suggestions about our Service are deemed our property, fueling our innovation pipeline without obligation or compensation to the user.

Changes to Privacy Policy

  • Notification of Changes: Significant policy changes are communicated to users via our Service or email, with continued use signifying acceptance of new terms.

Governing Law

  • Jurisdiction: This Privacy Policy is governed by Delaware law, with the Delaware Chancery Court exclusively handling disputes, providing legal clarity and consistency.

Data for Analytics

  • Use of Data: We utilize anonymized or aggregated data for internal analytics, which is vital for understanding user trends and enhancing service quality. This process is done in a way that individual users are not identifiable, aligning with privacy regulations and safeguarding user anonymity.

Contact Us

  • Communication Channel: For any inquiries or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy or our data practices, users are encouraged to contact us at We are committed to addressing and resolving privacy-related issues swiftly and effectively, maintaining open and transparent communication with our users.